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An independent publication inspiring discovery across the land of dark skies, rolling hill and remarkable coastline.


A point of reference for future discovery. In this book you will find 160 pages of stories, interviews, features, and detailed roundups - all of which include helpful information supplemented with stunning photography.



The book is beautifully printed in Northumberland on 140gsm paper.

It is a high quality product, but intended for rigorous use.



This is Northumberland 2023

    • There Is Nothing Like a Real Bookshop
    • Where Wild Goats Roam
    • The Sandstone Way
    • Slate and Nature: An Interview with Gerard van der Veen
    • Roaming With Romans
    • Beekeepers of Berwick
    • Mighty Strongholds
    • Forage & Feast
    • A Wander at Wallington
    • Trees at Tughall
    • Getting Off-grid in Northumberland
    • The Essence of Stationery
    • By Net and Coble
    • The Gruesome Tale of Winter’s Gibbet
    • Project Coast Care
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