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About Us

Our story

Summit Crazy is based in Northumberland, not far from Kielder & the Scottish Borders.  With award winning dark skies, more sheep than people and amazing scenery, we have drawn our inspiration from the stunning landscape that surrounds us.


How can you not have a passion for the outdoors when living here?


Established in 2017, we are a small family run business.  

How it all started

Our family have always loved the outdoors, and after moving home in 2002 from a 2 year assignment in Greece, we ended up in the heart of rural North Northumberland.


Laura (aged 14 at the time) really saw how amazing the Northumbrian countryside was.  She met the locals whilst working at the village hotel, where her passion for hospitality started, and after 15 years working within the industry as a chef, bar, restaurant and hotel manager, she was ready for her next adventure.

Laura has a love of photography and explores the area with camera in hand to take advantage of any photographic opportunity.

Luke (Laura’s brother) is an ultra runner and found that at every race he entered, all competitors were wearing the same kit.  He said “I wish I could design my own t-shirt”, to which Laura’s response was “Why don’t we?”.  In 2017 Summit Crazy was launched, selling firstly to friends and family.  This then grew into a website and within a year we had a local stockist.  

2023 and  Summit Crazy has over 30 stockists across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Jacqui (Laura and Luke’s mum) has a passion for the North Northumbrian countryside where she lives at the Summnit Crazy HQ. With so many walks and trails to take advantage of, she can be found out and about every day with the Summit Crazy pup – Reiver.  She too enjoys photography and loves experimenting with food.


After celebrating our 5th anniversary, we launched RoamNorth. Clothing & Accessories inspired by the outdoors.  Allowing Summit Crazy to concentrate on what we originally created the business for, running. 

We hope you like our new lines as much as we do and we thank you for your continued support.

The Summit Crazy Team

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