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We’ll start with four potent words: the past is alive. Scotland is a land sculpted by its history, a place moulded by the passage of time, and over the following pages, the days of yore are a recurrent theme. Stepping back into the mists of prehistory, we explore the Jurassic beginnings of the Isle of Skye, where dinosaurs once roamed. We enter the towering canopy of the great Caledonian Forest, crunching the underbrush of the temperate rainforest that once blanketed almost the entire country. No less stirringly, we also take a wander among the extraordinary Neolithic sites that make Scotland one of the world’s most important repositories of Stone Age architecture.



Striding forward to more recent centuries, we visit the historic towns and age-old places of worship that mark the Borders Abbeys Way, learn more about the 17th century witches of Shetland, and discover the layered past (not to mention the vibrant culture and open countryside) of Dumfries & Galloway. Keeping the theme going, we also hear the ancient tale of Thomas the Rhymer, and take a winding drive along the fabled Highlands road that is Bealach na Bà.

But there’s more to these pages, of course, than the past. As regular readers will have come to expect, we also meet some of Scotland’s most inspirational modern-day inhabitants, from the sustainably minded food and drink producers of Glenelg, and the determined founders of the Isle of Skye Sea Salt Company, to acclaimed jewellery-maker Róis Clark.



And that’s not all. Among other things, there’s also a journey through Cape Wrath in the company of writer and photographer Richard Gaston, a spotlight on one of the country’s enigmatic mountain hares, and advice on how to make the most of the Scottish winter with your canine companion.

Hidden Scotland Magazine Issue 3

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